Install StableBit DrivePool on Windows

by RamWise
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Mad at how built-in Windows disk pooling application ‘Storage Spaces‘ works? Looking for a more easy to use, predictable tool. StableBit DrivePool could be the right application for you. Let’s see how it works and how to configure it in Windows. DrivePool combines all your physical hard drives into one virtual disk, and it can be managed easily.

I often found Windows Storage Spaces to be very difficult to use. My data are mostly static media files, so a simpler solution like DrivePool works perfectly for me. It also has some nice features, like Hierarchial Pooling, Folder Duplication, Disk Evacuation, SSD Optimization.

DrivePool works by creating a virtual file-system above all your hard disks, and the files are stored in NTFS format across the disks. This allows you to access disks individually and recover partial data in case of drive failures.

Let’s begin installing the application

1. Get DrivePool from the website here. They allow a trial license period before purchasing.

2. Install it, usually it is just one click

3. Open the app and Start 30 day trial. This will show all your disks.

4. Click on ‘Add’ next to the disk you want to add to the pool. It creates a new pool and names it automatically.

5. Go to Explorer to view your newly created ‘DrivePool

6. To expand your drivepool with more drives, just click ‘Add’ on the respective disks. Make sure the disks are in the same format.

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