Enable ZFS on Open Media Vault 5

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ZFS is one of the best file systems available in almost all of the Linux distributions. Open Media Vault (OMV) is built on Debian, which supports ZFS. However, you have to install the OMV-Extras plugin to get it working on OMV. 

If you haven’t already, first install OMV and add OMV-Extras on your server before proceeding with the below steps. We will install the Proxmox VE kernel for better ZFS support on OMV, then we will proceed with adding the required ZFS plugins. 

Steps to enable ZFS on OMV

Install Proxmox kernel

We are going to use the Proxmox VE kernel instead of the default Debian kernel since it has better support for ZFS. OMV-Extras allows you to do this via the OMV web interface itself easily.

1. Go to System -> OMV-Extras -> Kernel. Click Install Proxmox VE kernel, and hit start on the pop-up

2. Once the installation successful, reboot OMV to activate the new Proxmox VE kernel.

3. Go back to System -> OMV-Extras -> Kernel. Now remove the old kernels and headers as they are not required anymore.

Install ZFS plugin

Now that the Proxmox kernel is installed, ZFS plugin from OMV-Extras can be installed. This will add features to administer ZFS file system from the OMV web interface itself.

4. Reload the web interface and go to System -> Plugins, and install the “openmediavault-zfs” plugin.

5. ZFS settings will be automatically appear under Storage menu after the last step. This is where ZFS pools can be created and managed.

Create a ZFS pool

We are ready to test the ZFS plugin by creating a sample ZFS pool

6. Before creating the pool, prepare the disks by wiping them from Storage -> Disks menu

7. Go to Storage->ZFS. Click Add Pool to create a new zpool. It will open a dialog to select the disks to add to your pool.

8. Give a Name, and Pool type for your zpool, then select the Devices from the list. Click Save finally.

    I am creating a mirror pool named ‘tank’, the mount point will be /tank by default.

9. You can now see a ZFS mirrored pool named tank created and mounted at /tank. Clicking on Details will show a detailed information of the mirrored pool.

Details show the state, health and other configuration details. Right now our tank pool looks OK. 

We have completed ZFS setup on the OMV server successfully.

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L January 15, 2023 - 8:30 pm

Thanks for the info but we are on OMV 6 and there isn’t a plugin for that yet.


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