Install OMV-Extras plugin on Open Media Vault 5

by RamWise
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OMV-Extras Plugin is an unofficial community-developed plugin for Open Media Vault. if you want to start by installing OMV first, go to how to install Open Media Vault.

Two important things that OMV-Extras plugin allow you to do are,

  1. Allow you to install other community developed plugins from the OMV-Extras repository.
  2. Allow you to install Proxmox Kernel and the Debian backports kernel for increased compatibility with newer hardwares.

Some of the notable plugins from the OMV-Extras repository are,

openmediavault-backup: Backup plugin for OpenMediaVault. This plugin will backup the entire OpenMediaVault system into a folder.

openmediavault-downloader : OpenMediaVault downloader plugin Plugin to download files to a  specified share using aria2, curl, or youtube-dl.

openmediavault-resetperms : Reset permissions of shared folder.

openmediavault-mergerfsfolders : To pool multiple folder under a single mountpoint giving resulting in a huge storage space.

openmediavault-remotemount : To mount remote shares on OMV.

openmediavault-zfs : Plugin for ZFS. This allows to create ZFS filesystems on OMV.

Steps to install OMV-Extras Plugin on Open Media Vault

1. If you haven’t enabled SSH you can go to Services -> SSH, and Enable it.

2. Connect Putty to OMV SSH and login as root.

3. Run the below command to download and install the OMV-Extras plugin manually. It will install all required packages and finish.

wget -O - | bash


4. Go to OMV web interface. Under System now OMV-Extras should be visible. Enable Extras Repo to load community developed plugins.

5. On the same page, in the other tabs you can install Docker, Cockpit, and different Kernels.

6. Click Check under Plugins to refresh all available plugins. 

Now, the community plugins from OMV Extras repository will become visible. You can install/uninstall them on this page, just like the default plugins.

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jel1959 April 27, 2022 - 7:02 pm

Apparently this is BROKEN in the 6.x-series of OMV


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