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Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) is a client-server package for backing up virtual machines, and containers in Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE)Open Media Vault is an Open Source network-attached storage operating system. Running Proxmox Backup Server on OMV (Open Media Vault) will be a good option most users that run OMV NAS and PVE hypervisor.

Before performing the below steps, install Open Media Vault and enable SSH on your machine first. To add more reliability to the backups you can add ZFS storage too.

Steps to install PBS on OMV

On the OMV Server

1. Connect to your OMV via an SSH client like Putty.

2. Add Proxmox Backup repository to /etc/apt/sources.list as shown below. (I am adding No-Subscription PBS repository since I don’t have a subscription.)

deb buster pbs-no-subscription 

3. Update apt packages and install the package proxmox-backup-server with the command below. It will install the PBS and start all the services.

apt-get update && apt-get install proxmox-backup-server 

 4. Now, go to https://<ip-address>:8007 to access the PBS web interface. Login with your OMV admin credentials. 

 5. Datastore is where the backups are stored. It can be a folder in any filesystem. To add one, click Add Datastore and enter a Name and Path for it. I am adding a folder named backup-ds under /tank/backup-ds

 6. Now my new data store is created and it shows up under Datastore menu and Usage window.

  That is it, you have installed the Proxmox Backup Server on Open Media Vault, and set up a backup storage for your Proxmox VE.

On Proxmox VE

 Let’s go to the Promxmox VE server and add this location as a backup now.

7. Navigate to Storage under Datacenter, and click Add -> Proxmox Backup Server.

  1. ID for the storage in PVE. This can be anything – doesn’t have to match the name on PBS.
  2. IP address of your OMV server.
  3. Admin user of PBS with authentication realm (root@pam).
  4. Admin password of PBS.
  5. Datastore name we created earlier “backup-ds”
  6. Fingerprint from PBS at Dashboard -> Server Resources -> Show Fingerprint .

8. Once you click Add the new Storage named “pbs” is added under your pve node.

9. After the last step, you can create a normal backup job and set the PBS storage as the location. This will send the backups to the datastore we set in the storage configuration.

It is done, PBS is up and running on OMV, and is able to store backups from a PVE server.

To test it quickly you can run the job and check if the VM/container backups appear on the backup server. I added one VM to the backup job.

Backup Job on PVE

Backups on PBS (OMV server)

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