Upgrade OMV 5 to 6 with Proxmox Kernel ZFS

by RamWise
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OpenMediaVault 6 has released in May 2022. OMV 6 brings a lot of new features including a brand new user interface. Couple of my favorites are the addition of PhotoPrism and WeTTY plugins.

When I attempted to upgrade my customized OMV 5 to OMV 6 it did not go smooth. I have Proxmox Kernel installed via the OMV-Extras plugin for ZFS storage. This guide helps to upgrade OMV 5 with OMV Extras + Proxmox Kernel to OMV 6. 

Please do mention in the comments if you encountered any issues and/or how you fixed them. This will help others in the same boat.

Steps to upgrade OMV 5 to 6

1. I highly recommend performing the upgrade directly via the machine’s console, otherwise Putty to OMV SSH as root.

2. Run the apt update command to make sure your OMV 5 package information is up to date.

Note: If you see any errors in the apt update command like below correct them either by removing them or disabling them. We cannot proceed to upgrade if the update command doesn’t run successfully.

3. Run the omv-release-upgrade command next to begin the upgrade. Enter yes to run upgrade process.

This is a long process (at least for me), and it completed eventually.

4. Once the above process is over, check if you can access the web UI using your old credentials. If not try omv-firstaid to reset the credentials.

5. Check if OMV-Extras repo is available and all your plugins are loaded correctly. If not your repo setup (/etc/apt/sources.list) is probably broken. Try running the below command and restart to fix. This worked for me!

sudo wget -O - https://github.com/OpenMediaVault-Plugin-Developers/installScript/raw/master/install | sudo bash 

6. Next step, just ensure Proxmox Kernel is still the main one and your ZFS is recognized by OMV. Mine was recognized automatically. If that is not the case try reinstalling the Kernel and import the ZFS pool under Storage -> ZFS -> Pools -> zpool import

Finally my OMV 6 is fully functional!

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